Level III Commissioned Security Officer Training Class is a 40 hour class! 

Effective Oct. 28, 2013, all fingerprints for Private Security applications must be submitted electronically through the Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas (FAST). If an electronic fingerprinting appointment cannot be scheduled within three business days, DPS can be contacted at Fingerprint Services.

All Level III courses are taught by an experienced law enforcement officer who can teach these valuable skills to ensure you get the most out of your training. 

The Level III Commissioned Security Officer Training Class (Level III) is a 45 Hour Class (6 Days – 8 hours each day) Class and costs $200.00. The price includes:

Classroom Fee
Range Fee
Level III Certificate of Completion

Topics in the class:

Law and regulations, Note and report writing

Crime scene protection

Officer safety/ survival

Use of force, criminal/civil

Conflict resolution

OODA loop nomenclature

Defensive Tactics

Intro into Handcuffing

Live fire: Handgun (optional: shotgun)

State required testing

Please bring to class:

Your state I.D., Driver’s License, or US Passport 
Black pen & paper for notes

You will be required to qualify with your handgun!

Bring 50 rounds for the qualification exercise.  
Bring extra ammo for practice. 

Qualification with a Shotgun is not required but is recommended.  If you choose to qualify with a Shotgun we will qualify you for FREE!

Bring your UNLOADED shotgun in a bag or case.

Bring 10 Shotgun Shells – 00 Buck 9 pellet. 

If you do not have a shotgun and need to rent one:

The cost of renting a shotgun, including shotgun shells for practice and qualification is $20.00

Note: If you qualify with a Revolver, you can only carry a Revolver. If you qualify with a Semiautomatic, you can carry either a Revolver or a Semiautomatic. We encourage everyone to qualify with a Semiautomatic. Also, it is more expensive to qualify with a Revolver, because the ammo is more expensive. 

Private classes are also available and we can travel to your location anywhere in the state at any time: Contact us!

To register contact our academy direction at 817-819-1680 or email at gunsafetx@gmail.com