Retired Federal Or Out of State Officer Firearms Certification in Fort Worth

Retired Federal or Out of State Officer Firearms Certification in Fort Worth

$ 50.00 (plus range fee)

Texas Occupations code  section 1701.357 allow for certain license carry retired federal or out of state officer firearms certification. The Texas Commission of Law Enforcement currently administers the Retired Federal or Out of State Officer program. If you are a Retired Federal Officer or Retired Out of State officer you can apply for your TCOLE issued Firearms Certificate Card. This license is good for one year and requires certification yearly on its expiration date.

Items needed to bring with you to your certification

Click Here to read the Texas Occupations Code Section 1701.357

1. Print out and completely fill out the TCOLE application/Certificate of firearms proficiency/ PID assignment

Link to application forms:

2. Bring forms, certification fee, firearm, 50 rounds of target ammo, and 5 rounds of duty ammo

3. Attend any of our LTC range qualification days on Saturday mornings at 0830 to qualify. Qualification takes approx. 30 minutes.

3. Once you notarize and submit the forms you will receive your card

(please note if renewing license please do so 45 days prior to renewal)

Course of Fire Requirements:

(1) B-27 or similar silhouette target

(2) Combat Scoring

(3) A minimum of 50 rounds, including at least five rounds of duty ammunition

(4) Fired at ranges from point blank to at least 15 years with at least 20 rounds at or beyond seven yards

(5) Include at least one timed reload

(6) Minimum passing score of 70 (175 out of a possible 250 for 50 rounds)

Private qualifications are available contact Instructors at